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Open to Public All Day03/022:00PM
Night Pass!!03/028:00PM
Thomas Collage Laser Tag03/027:00PM
Open to Public All Day03/0311:00AM
Night Pass!!03/038:00PM
Jameson's B-day Party03/0311:30PM
Noah's B-day Party03/032:00PM
Braelyn's Laser Tag B-Day Party03/034:00PM
Open to Public All Day03/0410:00AM
Kidabaloo Augusta03/0412:00PM
G-Force Disc Golf Putting League03/046:00PM
G-Force Disc Golf Putting League03/066:00PM
Open to Public All Day03/082:00PM
Open to Public All Day03/092:00PM
Night Pass!!03/098:00PM
Brady's Laser Tag Birthday Party03/101:00PM
Open to Public All Day03/1011:00PM
Night Pass!!03/108:00PM
Gage's Birthday03/1012:00PM
Colby Birthday 03/101:00PM
Alejandro Birthday03/103:30PM
Open to Public All Day03/1110:00AM
G-Force Disc Golf Putting League03/116:00PM
Gracie Birthday03/1111:00AM
DeSean Birthday03/112:00PM
G-Force Disc Golf Putting League03/136:00PM
Ace's B-Day03/155:00PM
Open to Public All Day03/152:00PM
Half-Day for Schools!!03/1511:00AM
Open to Public All Day03/162:00PM
Night Pass!!03/168:00PM
The NOSS Tour @ Maine Maritime Academy03/167:00PM
Winter Carnival Schenck High School03/178:30PM
Open to Public All Day03/1711:00AM
Night Pass!!03/178:00PM
Open to Public All Day03/1810:00AM
Jasiah Birthday03/1812:00PM
Ayden Birthday03/182:00PM
G-Force Disc Golf Putting League03/206:00PM
Pemetic Elementary Shool Laser Tag Day03/225:00PM
Open to Public All Day03/222:00PM
G-Force Disc Golf Putting League03/227:00PM
Open to Public All Day03/232:00PM
Night Pass!!03/238:00PM
Open to Public All Day03/2411:00AM
Night Pass!!03/2412:00PM
Ashton Birthday03/2412:30PM
Quinn's Birthday03/244:00PM
Open to Public All Day03/2510:00AM
G-Force Disc Golf Putting League03/276:00PM
Open to Public All Day03/292:00PM
G-Force Disc Golf Putting League03/297:00PM
Open to Public All Day03/302:00PM
Night Pass!!03/308:00PM
Night Pass!!03/318:00PM
Open to Public All Day03/3111:00AM
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Call us today at (207) 227-5562 speak with a G-Force Laser Tag representative and schedule the BEST Birthday Party or Special Event on this planet!!

Also Available Corporate Outings, Fund Raising, Adventure Camp, Team Building Events, Grad Nights, Youth Center Activities, Family Get-Togethers, Fairs, and Special Events or Just Plain Laser Tag Fun!!!.

Remember We Travel Anywhere On Our Planet For Laser Tag Events.