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Our Cleaning Promise


Here at G-Force we have a strict cleaning schedule throughout the day.   From the smallest button on an arcade machine to the largest inflatable. Basically, if you can touch it we clean it.


After every use equipment such as laser taggers, archery tag bows and arrows, paintball guns and reballs, vests and axe throwing equipment are all cleaned and sanitized with proper cleaning materials.   Throughout the day, and every night we sanitize every piece of equipment, including tables, chairs, buttons on the soda machine, the change even gets washed before it goes back into the change machine.


We have always taken this very seriously!


  Thank You For Being Our Guest,
    From the Staff At G-Force

(207) 227-5562


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Tent Rentals



Tent Rentals:  

Large or small we do it all! 

Allow us to be of service for all your quality and professional tent needs. We at G-Force Adventures understand the responsibilities of a special event, and are here to assist in making your event as successful as possible. 
G-Force Adventures tent rental division has a reputation for providing excellent products and service . We pride ourselves on customer service, being professional, being on time, doing a fantastic job and working efficiently.


Tent Size Sq. Ft. Maximum Laser Tag Players Per Game Rect. Tables ( 8 - 10 Sq. ft/person) Banquet Seating Rect. tables w/Acc. or Round Tables (10-12 sq. ft/person) Round Table w/Acc (12-14 sq. ft/person) Classroom Seating Theater Seating
40 x 40 1600
160 to 200 133 to 160 114 to 133 200 266
40 x 60 2400
240 to 300 200 to 240 171 to 200 300 400
40 x 80 3200
320 to 400 266 to 320 228 to 266 400 533
40 x100 4000
400 to 500 333 to 400 285 to 333 500 660
40 x120 4800
500 to 580 400 to 450 345 to 375 600 750
40 x 140 5600
580 to 660 450 to 500 390 to 420 700 850
40 x 160 6400
660 to 740 500 to 550 435 to 465 800 950

"Rect." is Rectangular, "Rnd." is Round, and "w/Acc." is with Accessories. Accessories are common items such as buffet or service tables and decorations.


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