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G-Force Adventure Center will be closed, pending new recommendations.


Please check back here for updates.


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Our Cleaning Promise


Here at G-Force we have a strict cleaning schedule throughout the day.   From the smallest button on an arcade machine to the largest inflatable. Basically, if you can touch it we clean it.


After every use equipment such as laser taggers, archery tag bows and arrows, paintball guns and reballs, vests and axe throwing equipment are all cleaned and sanitized with proper cleaning materials.   Throughout the day, and every night we sanitize every piece of equipment, including tables, chairs, buttons on the soda machine, the change even gets washed before it goes back into the change machine.


We have always taken this very seriously!


  Thank You For Being Our Guest,
    From the Staff At G-Force

(207) 227-5562


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Store Hours and Event Calendar

Available for Walk Ins, Events & Private Parties
Winter Hours:
Book an Event Today (207) 227-5562
$15 Mon - Wed Unlimited Laser Tag & Bounce Pass Mon - Wed3pm ~ 9pm
$15 Thursdays Unlimited Laser Tag & Bounce Pass & Double TicketsThursday3pm ~ 11pm
Laser Tag, Archery, Re-Ball, Arcade & BounceFriday3pm ~ 1am
                        "            "Saturday10am ~ 1am
Laser Tag, Arcade, Bounce, ( Archery & Re-Ball end at 5pm )Sunday10am ~ 9pm
Late Night Sale / Unlimited Pass $15 per person.Brewer Store: Google Map

510 Wilson St. Unit 3
Brewer, ME. 04412

Moonlight HOURS:Ages 13+7pm ~ 10pm
G-Force After Hours: Ages 18+10pm ~ 1am
Arcade and ReBall is at an extra cost. Most Arcade games are 0.50 per player.
G-Force Laser Tag is always open to the public during regular business hours.
No need to make a reservation just come in and get ready to have fun
Walk-Ins Are Always Welcome
Laser Tag Brewer Store Maine - Everything RC Swap Meet LIVE ACTION LASER TAG AT ITS BEST!
Event Details : Everything RC Swap Meet
Hosted By: G-Force Laser Tag dba G-Force Adventures
10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Event Type:Special Event
Location: Brewer Store2072275562
Description:                                      Laser Tag Signup
Anything RC!!!
Bring your collection out and dust it off. Swap, Sell or just show your RC Boats, Cars, Trucks, Drones and Planes. The track will be open as well as the drone racing area.

Dec 15th 10am - 4pm
(Table Spaces $2 bring your own table.)
(If you don't have a table we can rent you one)
Public is welcome. No door fee.


Event NameDateTime
Ethen & Deven's B-day Party02/01/201:00 PM
Morgan's B-day Party02/01/2012:00 PM
Spencers Bday Party02/01/201:00 PM
Thaedyn's bday-party02/01/202:30 PM
Jackson's Birthday Party02/01/206:00 PM
Landon's Party02/01/203:30 PM
B-Day for Blake Wilbur02/02/201:00 PM
Superbowl Sunday02/02/205:00 PM
Samuels Birthday02/02/201:00 PM
Tabletop Games02/02/203:00 PM
RC and Drone Racing02/03/206:00 PM
Airsoft Wars02/07/203:00 PM
Caden's B-day party02/08/2012:00 PM
Ethan's B-day Party02/08/203:00 PM
Owen's B-day Party02/09/2011:00 AM
RC and Drone Racing02/09/206:00 PM
Dalton's B-day Party02/09/203:00 PM
Payton's B-day Party02/09/201:00 PM
Luka's birthday party02/09/203:00 PM
Tabletop Games02/09/203:00 PM
Valentines Day at G-Force02/14/203:00 PM
Nerf Wars02/14/204:00 PM
Axe throwing02/14/207:30 PM
Axe Throwing02/14/207:00 PM
axe throwing02/14/204:00 PM
Seamus's B-day02/15/203:00 PM
Zevulon b-day02/15/202:00 PM
Adaim's Birthday Party02/15/201:00 PM
G-Force Cosplay Photo Shoot02/16/2010:00 AM
Everything RC Swap Meet02/16/2010:00 AM
RC and Drone Racing02/16/206:00 PM
Josaph's B-day Party02/16/203:00 PM
Tabletop Games02/16/203:00 PM
Kaleb's B-day Party02/16/2012:00 PM
Andy's B-Day Party02/16/201:00 PM
February Break Special02/17/2010:00 AM
Angela 02/17/203:15 PM
February Break Special02/18/2010:00 AM
February Break Special02/19/2010:00 AM
February Break Special02/20/2010:00 AM
February Break Special02/21/2010:00 AM
Airsoft Wars02/21/203:00 PM
Axe Throwing02/21/203:00 PM
Chrysanthemum's B-day Party02/21/207:00 PM
Ava 's Bounce Zone B-day Party02/22/202:00 PM
Aunika's B-day Party02/22/2012:00 PM
Amariss's Bounce Party02/22/203:00 PM
axe throwing02/22/205:00 PM
Adelynn's Bounce Party02/23/203:00 PM
RC and Drone Racing02/23/206:00 PM
Brielle' B-day Bounce Party02/23/202:00 PM
Tabletop Games02/23/203:00 PM
Brewer Junior Air Force ROTC Fundraiser02/28/203:00 PM
Nerf Wars02/28/204:00 PM
Brewer Junior Air Force ROTC Fundraiser02/28/203:00 PM
Steven's B-day Party02/29/2012:00 PM
parkers birthday 02/29/202:00 PM
b-day party02/29/203:15 PM
axe throwing02/29/2011:30 AM
Axe Throwing02/29/2010:00 PM

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